About Me
Originally from Ireland, I have lived all of my adult life in England.  Throughout my formative years and up to the present day my dad's love of art surrounded me.   The walls of our house, and indeed the walls of my own house now, exhibit the various styles of his hobby. 
Art has always been a part of my life.  I can't remember a time when I didn't get absorbed in its creativity.  While it would be lovely to say I have a style that is mine, this would not reflect me accurately.  I have a whole variety of styles that change from time to time, frequently returning to past styles as the need or will requires.
I love to hark back to my Irish roots and plan to incorporate hints of my interpretations of some traditional Irish artwork.  
I get lost when I am painting or drawing.  I am attracted to creations that are bright, vibrant, fun, moving... I love art that creates feelings.  And when there is a story or meaning behind the work it's all the better.  
 And I guess that's why I like the personal and bespoke aspects to my much of my art.